Nokia N8 as a laptop #LegaNerd
Slymer Slymer

Well technically that’s a portable desktop since laptops are integrated. But that’s just being finicky.

As Noah from PhoneDog notes, whilst other handsets may have HDMI, they may only produce Videos/Photos in the output where as the Nokia N8 will replicate the ENTIRE phone experience through HDMI meaning it could really be your portable computer.

The N8′s screen whilst 640×360 is upscaled to a full 1280×720 for that desktop like experience – icons and text appear sharper which helps see that mouse pointer.

Imagine the desktop like games that we’ve seen on the N900. Actually they were desktop games ported to N900 (e.g. red alert, theme hospital, star craft, war craft ii). and also played with peripherals. PC gaming – without the PC.

Ci stiamo avvicinando ad un’era in cui i nostri cellulari saranno laptop a tutti gli effetti, superando gli smartphone?
Avere TUTTO in un unico device, è il mio sogno (e credo non solo mio).




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