Organizzata da Gallery 1988 nella sua galleria a Los Angeles, l’esposizione “Idiot Box” ha invitato diversi illustratori e artisti a realizzare poster, quadri e altro dedicato alla serialità degli ultimi anni, da Stranger Things a True Detective.

Sotto riportiamo solo alcuni dei bellissimi lavori esposti, di cui è anche possibile acquistare le stampe sul sito di Gallery 1988.


Adam Hoppus “The Gang’s All Here”


Anna Tillett “Is Everything To Your Satisfaction?”


Andy Stattmiller “Kenny Powers Nesting Doll”


Barrett Biggers “The Scorpion”


Beau Berkley “The Rock”


Barry Blankenship “Dark Times”


Barrett Biggers “Welcome to Sweetwater”


Brad Albright “Baskets Family Rodeo – 3D Poster + Glasses” Framed Print


Brad Hill “I’m like Butch Cassidy”


Bruce White “Jimmy McGill”


Carrie Anne Hudson “Under His Eye”


Christopher Cox “These violent delights have violent ends.”


Dave Pollot “These Violent Delights”


Fiona McCall “Black Mirror”


Graham Corcoran “Fargo, This Is A True Story”


Hans Woody “Stranger”


Jared Circusbear “First of all, don’t say I went as Spiderman, I didn’t go as Spiderman. I was Man Spider!”


Jeffrey Everett / Rockets Are Red “Lipstick and Leg Locks (Uncut)”


John J. Pearson “Violent Ends”


Laz Marquez “IDIC”


Matthew Brazier “Glow”


Matthew Rabalais “The Long Bright Dark”


Michael Vincent Bramley “The Mindflayer”


Mike Mahle “Cigarettes, Lawnmowers, and Mad Men”


Nathan Ebersole “Overnumerousness”


Nathan Anderson “Mindhunter”


Nicholas Moegly “Doesn’t Look Like Anything to Me”


Rosie Toole “I Don’t Sleep, I Just Dream”


Scott Balmer “The Man in Black”


Stephen Andrade “True Detective Stories”


Tom Valente “Breakfast with the Hoppers”