[quote]Driving RC cars never gets old, but driving them over the internet is truly something magical.

Welcome to the [b]RixRover[/b], the creation of Quebecer [b]Pierric Gimmig[/b].

It’s a cheap RC truck fitted with big knobby tires that’s had its ABS body removed, replaced by an Arduino board and a netbook.

The car itself cost about $45, the Arduino about $30, and Eee PC 1005-series netbook about $200. But the result, being able to drive the car over remotely via streaming video, why that’s quite simply priceless.[/quote]

Niente da aggiungere direi:
-una macchina radiocomandata
-un notebook
-un Arduino

Risultato: una :NT: confezionata bella e pronta! :-D

[more]Inutile dirvi che Sheldon Cooper è avanti anni luce come sempre:


Via [url=https://leganerd.com/forums/topic/modellino-radiocomandato-via-arduino-e-netbook]:bazinga:[/url] di [url=https://leganerd.com/people/giannijava]champ[/url]
Fonte [url=http://www.engadget.com/2011/02/16/rixrover-is-the-cheap-rc-car-controlled-by-a-rather-more-expensi/]www.engadget.com[/url]