[quote]This is a big deal! Den Kirson did it again and supplied the community with actual in-game weapon stats. So no more bitching around, time to find your favorite weapon!

Den Kirson has made a big name for himself ever since he started pulling real in-game stats » from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare which were amazingly accurate. This week, he was at it again, and thanks to @MW2Blog » for the heads up. But even more DenKirson » as he’s the original source of the information. Now without further ado, let’s get this show onnn the road! First up some basic information on how to read the chart below:

* Damage starts at one amount of damage but decreases over a certain range, and it continues at a lower damage indefinitely (except for shotguns).
* The Red line indicates the basic damage. The Green line indicates damage range with a silencer.
* Certain body parts multiply damage from damage taken. So a headshot from a weapon with the default damage of 50 will make the actual damage 50 * 1.4 = 75 damage (not lethal) for most weapons.
* Note that the L96A1 is the only sniper rifle that has an extra damage modifier (lower body).[/quote]

Den Kirson si è sbattuto per analizzare e riportare i dati balistici e le statistiche di Call of Duty: Black Ops. Un lavoro per il quale ha la mia stima, essendo dettagliato nei minimi particolari e di grande aiuto per capire cosa accade veramente nel gioco.

I seguenti documenti sono considerati sacri dai giocatori di CoD. Pochi hanno avuto la fortuna di vederli ed analizzarli in profondità. Visto che la [url=https://leganerd.com/2011/01/18/guida-part-one-call-of-duty-black-ops/]guida[/url] stava annoiando, ho deciso di scoprire questi file segretissimi. Queste infografiche vi spiegheranno tutto in merito all’arsenale disponibile nel gioco.

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