The Weapon Masters su Discovery Channel

Ieri sera, causa insonnia, mi sono imbattuto in questo programma su Discovery Channel e non ho mai visto tanta nerdaggine in un solo uomo:

Weapon Masters is a television show that premiered on the Discovery Channel on December 31, 2007. It is currently airing on the Military Channel.
Hosts Chad Houseknecht, an inventor, and Mike Loades, a weapons historian, choose a different historical weapon each week. While Loades explores its history—often traveling to the country from which it comes to interview modern practitioners–Houseknecht attempts to improve on it using modern technology (for example, a pneumatic device was added to a blowgun in one episode). At the end of each episode a challenge test of the new version is held.
via Wikipedia

Qui il sito del Programma che a quanto pare è stato trasferito su Military Channel


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