Le scenette LEGO tratte da Jurassic Park – Parte 2

22 Settembre 2019

L’artista LEGO® Jonas Kramm, prosegue la sua serie di scene dedicate al film Jurassic Park. Dopo la serie vista precedentemente arrivano altri mini diorami LEGO dedicati al film.

Grazie alle minifigure create da LEGO per il set LEGO 75936 Jurassic Park: T.rex Rampage Jonas sta realizzando questi splendidi diorami che ci mostrano (quasi completamente ormai) le scene cult del film Jurassic Park di Spielberg.

Ve le riportiamo qui di seguito con la descrizione della scena che riprende le parole del film.


08 – Dino… droppings?

To find the reason for the Triceratops sickness Ellie doesn’t eschew any unusual actions.





09 – Dinosaur Embryos

Dennis Nedry steals the dinosaur embryos





10 – T.rex Breakout

The tour has to return because of the approaching storm, but stops right at the T.rex paddock. With no power on the fences the dinosaur easily breaks out! To save the children Alan attracts the attention of the Tyrannosaur with a flare and lures it away.





11 – A Bad Place To Hide

When you gotta go, you gotta go…





12 – Spit

With the stolen dinosaur embryos Nedry flees, but takes a wrong turn and crashes his jeep. He tries to pull out with the winch, but encounters a wild Dilophosaurus and learns the ugly way that they can spit.





13 – An Unusual Parking Spot

The T. rex has pushed the Ford Explorer with Timi inside down in the moat, where it lands in a tree. Alan is climbing up to help him, as the car is about to fall down to the ground.





14 – Must Go Faster

Elli and Maldoon arrive at the T.rex paddock where they find an injured Malcolm. The kids and Alan have disappeared. Peculiar ripples in the puddle and a recurring booming noises predict the Tyrannosaur is coming back… Must go faster!





15 – Life finds a way!

Alan and the kids run trough the forst until the they find something at the feet of a tree. Shells of velociraptor eggs proof that the dinosaurs are breeding and eventhough all animals were manipulated to be female, life found a way!





16 – Maintenance

Power in Jurassic Park is gone and the only way to bring it back is switching it on in the maintenance bunker by hand. With the help of Maldoon Ellie gets in the building and turns it on again, but immediately gets attacked by a velociraptor.





17 – Kitchen Scene

After their adventures tour Tim and Lexi want to get something to eat, but get interrupted by two velociraptors and flee in the kitchen.





18 – When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

In an action packed last scene Alan and the group try too flee from the Raptors and climb down in the foyer of the visitor centre. Before the Raptors can attack them the T-rex appears in last second and saves the day.




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