Adattatore VGA per Game Boy

14 Gennaio 2011

[ViDAR] was looking for a project to keep him occupied and settled on creating a VGA converter for his Game Boy. He had some difficulty finding pinouts for the LCD and CPU but working with what was known, and an oscilloscope, he found the necessary signal. Tap into just a few lines using those thin blue wires; Vsync, Hsync, clock, and two data pins. From there a development board with an Altera Cyclone II field-programmable gate array takes care of the heavy lifting. The board already has hardware for a VGA connection so it was just a matter of processing the incoming signals into the VGA standard.

Il video è da mal di stomaco, sorry, ma se volete costruire un’uscita VGA per il vostro Game Boy questo è un buon punto di partenza.

Via Hack a day

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