Solar Vest: mai piu Low Battery!

Solar Vest: mai piu Low Battery!


This Solar Vest is a fusion of fashion and technology that lets you keep your gadgets fully charged when you’re working or playing outside.

This vest is like a solar power station to keep your cell phone, portable media player, notebook computer, digital camera, and other portable electronics fully powered while you are working outdoors. This “fashion-tech” canvas vest is the perfect field accessory for photographers, archeologists, investigators, geologists, and anyone else constantly working outdoors.

The CVFR-S09 Solar Vest is designed for your comfort and convenience. It comes with big storage pockets for holding tools or camera equipment and includes a battery pack + cables and connectors for all of today’s popular portable electronics. The vest’s canvas is soft but durable and the stitching is second to none. The vest’s 4 solar panels are laminated to be truly weatherproof, so you don’t have to change this vest just because the weather is bad. You can also detach the solar panels and place them in sunlight while you are working inside a cave or shaded terrain.

So how do you use it? Well, just because it’s high tech and super hip doesn’t mean it’s difficult to use. While you walk outside, the four solar panels on the back of the vest absorb solar energy and store it in a high-capacity battery located in the front left pocket. When your cell phone or other gadget needs power, just plug it into the battery and let it charge. Simple as that!

Utilissimo per chi sta fuori molte ore, un fotografo ad esempio, una guida turistica o un nerd che non vuole mai sentire il fastidioso BIP del low battery allert!
Io lo voglio!!
Ecco la Fonte quasi inestinguibile di incauti must!


Questo educativo video ci dimostra come il Solar Vest possa essere utile anche nel rimorchiare ragazze, non una, non due, ma ben tre! Insieme. Questo accessorio può essere il vostro biglietto per Orgyland XD
O modo di arrotondare lo stipendio: appostatevi in piazza di spagna e fate pagare $ ai turisti con il telefono scarico!:P
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