Oggi è il Geek Pride Day! #LegaNerd

Ebbene si, il 25 maggio è un giorno ad alta densità nerdica: il Towel Day ed il Geek Pride Day.

In 1998 a guy named Tim McEachern started “The Geek Pride Festival” in Albany, New York. In 2006 Geek Pride was celebrated in Spain and on the Internet on May 25th. May 25th was chosen to commemorate the premiere of Star Wars in 1977, a momentous day in Geek history. The highlight of the Spanish festivities was when 300 geeks in Madrid formed a human Pac-Man. They should be proud and so should you because today is Geek Pride Day 2010, and here are five reasons to be proud of your geekiness.

Wired ci ricorda (almeno) cinque motivi per essere orgogliosi.


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