Ninja Zombie trailer #LegaNerd
Laido Laido

Armed with just a $2,500.00 budget raised on, we rallied talented individuals to the cause. They hailed from all around the country, including Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, DC, and California. They were from all walks of life: Filmmakers, graphic designers, lawyers, doctors, consultants, mechanics, students, engineers, architects… People who were willing to dedicate their time and talent for free because they believed in our God-given right to see ferocious ninjas feast on the flesh of their freshly assassinated foes.
After about 5 months of preproduction work, we commenced filming in late May of 2010 and wrapped production 5 months later. Shoots were tough. 12 hour days on weekends, 3-4 hours on weeknights. Temperatures over 100 degrees. Mosquito bites, wasp stings, sword stabs, , Lloyd Kaufman, baseball bats to the head, and fractured bones. Fake blood made of maple syrup everywhere – just everywhere. Insatiable cravings for iHop, and beer. Lots of beer.
Now we’re in post-production and the hours are still long, but thankfully only for a few of us. Now we take the hours upon hours of footage we have and make the best damn zombie movie with ninjas that has never been seen! So get ready, get excited, and tell your friends — Ninja Zombies are coming soon.

In arrivo il nuovo film low-budget del regista indipendente Noah Cooper…

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