Torrentmeter mk II: misuratore di banda stile steampunk #LegaNerd

Skytee made this gorgeous, Arduino-powered steampunk bandwidth gauge based on a similar project by Tom Igoe from Make Magazine: “I needed a linear scale from 0 through 100, saying Mbps, thus making it a TorrentMeter. I chose the logo of Dingfabrik as manufacturer logo, since that is where @PylonC and I disassembled the voltmeter when it arrived in the mail. And I needed it to look as old as the original, so I stained it. To do so, I just took a clean baking tray, filled it with black tea and slowly shoved in a sheet of paper sideways. That’s rather important to avoid having bubbles under the sheet, thus creating an even stain.”

Come costruirselo, via BoingBoing

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