Jedi Junkies, il film #LegaNerd

Now on iTunes: and Amazon VOD:… A fun, affectionate and funny look at a series of people whose personal and professional lives were changed forever by the Star Wars franchise.
* Collectors
* Tribute bands
* Custom-made lightsabers
* New York Jedi, a lightsaber dueling/choreography group
* Two fan films: one called “Stuck on Star Wars” that included building a life-size Millennium Falcon in someone’s backyard, and one still in production called “Tremors of the Force”
* Behind the scenes of Chad Vader
* Slave Leias, with a look at one photoshoot we’ve seen before, and interviews with a Leia burlesque dancer and a bellydancer

Un tuffo nel mondo dei fan di Star Wars, dal poco al troppo, dalla passione alla follia, con tanto di supporto dello psicologo che ragguaglia sulla natura dell’ossessione.
“Dorky Star Wars fans are the ones who have to correct you on every single thing. Sexy are the guys who know and are passionate about it and can handle a lightsaber pretty well, and I can sit down and have coffee with you and talk about it without being corrected every third word.”


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