Liberty Walk - Customs Japan Style

Liberty Walk – Customs Japan Style


Liberty Walk リバティーウォーク

Liberty Walk based in Japan build some of the craziest exotic cars with one main purpose in mind, fun! No matter your taste or personal style you cant help but appreciate the fun these cars deliver to their owners. At first glance you see brightly coloured Lamborghini’s sitting only millimeters off the ground but don’t let that fool you, Liberty Walk goes much deeper then just exterior aesthetics.

Kato-san president of Liberty Walk is not only a super car fanatic but a JDM purist at heart. In this film we will explore his brighter side while in the next installment we will take a visit down memory lane and introduce you to his vintage Japanese cars.

Stay tuned for part two!

This film was produced / filmed / edited / coloured by Luke Huxham //
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Song : Jamiroquai – White Knuckle Ride
Thanks to Toshi from RWB for his help with this project.


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