Portal Cookie Cutters

Portal Cookie Cutters

Make cookies like Cave’s Mom

At Aperture Science, there’s a good amount of joking amongst test subjects and occasionally, if you’re lucky, you can joke around Cave Johnson himself. Just do not, under any circumstances, bring his mother into the mix. Got it? No “your mom” jokes. No “Yo Mama” jokes. Not even a “That’s what she said.” Cave’s very sensitive about those.

The penalty for joking about Cave’s mom? No cookies. That’s right, you’ll find your Aperture Science Holiday Gift Package is missing the sandwich baggie of Mrs. Johnson’s Made From Scratch Science Cookies. Then you’ll have to watch everyone else enjoying delicious frosted sugar cookies in the shapes of familiar faces around Aperture Labs.

Product Specifications

Set of 8 cookie cutters based on Valve’s games, Portal & Portal 2
Made of bent metal, dishwasher safe, and packaged in an awesome Companion Cube tin
Shapes: Portal, Turret, Running Test Subject, Falling Test Subject, Companion Cube
You may be thinking, “ThinkGeek, that’s only 5 shapes!”
You are so good at counting! The Companion Cube is a layered cookie, which requires 4 cutters to create (but still only one mouth to eat).
Officially licensed Portal collectible

Incautabili a 20$ sempre e solo su Thinkgeek!


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