The Big Picture: National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 #LegaNerd

There’s still time! The deadline for entries for this year’s National Geographic Photo Contest is November 30. Photographers of all skill levels (last year more than 16,000 images submitted by photographers from 130 countries) enter photographs in three categories: Nature, People and Places. The photographs are judged on creativity and photographic quality by a panel of experts. There is one first place winner in each category and a grand prize winner as well. The following is a selection of 54 entries from each of the 3 categories. The caption information is provided and written by the individual photographer.

Fotografi di :ln:, c’è ancora tempo per candidare le vostre foto al National Geographic Photo Contest 2011: fino al 30 novembre potete partecipare in tre categorie, Natura, Persone e Luoghi.

The Big Picture propone 54, come al solito incredibili, esempi di foto candidate al concorso.

Sceglierne una è stato davvero difficile.

In bocca al lupo… ;)

The Big Picture

National Geographic Photo Contest 2011


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