Antisec attacca Apple

Antisec attacca Apple


Apple, the company behind the Macs and Iphones, have recently been the target of AntiSec (Anti-Security), a hacking campaign composed of hackers from the group Anonymous and Lulz Security. The group of hackers claim to have recovered 26 usernames and passwords that belong to administrators of Apple.

Hackers claim that there was a security flaw in the system Apple uses, which led to the achievement of the hack. However, the hackers said to not worry since they are “busy elsewhere”. As of this moment, Apple has yet to respond about this incident. We will continue to update this post as Apple responds.

Ora, quanti dei fan di Antisec continueranno ad esserlo dopo che ha attaccato la meravigliosa azienda della mela morsicata? :rofl:

Da oggi metà dei supporter di Antisec abbandoneranno la causa perchè loro “Think Different” :rofl: e si sentiranno profondamente offesi :rofl:


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lunedì 4 luglio 2011 - 9:25

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