The Oona: lo stand per smartphone semplice e funzionale

24 Maggio 2011

We have designed, workshopped and prototyped The Oona, and need your help to produce it. This is our first step as designers and innovators, and with your support we will finalize The Oona’s design, manufacture it in bulk and bring it to market. We’ve got a couple of other ideas in the hopper, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to move forward with them after The Oona, and begin our careers. It’s all up to you.

Un’altra bella idea che sta venendo fuori da Kickstarter, già finanziata in pieno, mancano 9 giorni, se vi interessa comprarlo, fatelo ora che è ancora in kickstart.

The Oona: Whatever You Need It To Be (

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martedì 24 Maggio 2011 - 15:55
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