The Big Picture: Afghanistan, gennaio 2011

5 Febbraio 2011

President Obama recently spoke about the War in Afghanistan in his State of the Union address: “Thanks to our heroic troops and civilians, fewer Afghans are under the control of the insurgency. There will be tough fighting ahead, and the Afghan government will need to deliver better governance. But we are strengthening the capacity of the Afghan people and building an enduring partnership with them. This year, we will work with nearly 50 countries to begin a transition to an Afghan lead. And this July, we will begin to bring our troops home.” With this post, we continue the monthly look at the men and women who live and fight in the country and at the Afghan people themselves as they struggle for peace in their land. At the end of the regular post I’ve included 14 additional images by Associated Press photographer Kevin Frayer. The images are black and white aerials – a unique view – of Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan.

Le solite magnifiche foto di The Big Picture ci ricordano che in Afghanistan tutto procede come al solito, cioè male.

Nella parte finale della gallery 14 foto extra di Kevin Frayer (Associated Press) in uno strepitoso bianco e nero.

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