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You may recall ThinkGeek’s pretty convincing April Fools’ prank last year: the iCade cabinet for the iPad. Now, thanks to the keen beans at Ion, the two companies held hands and turned this totally rad concept into reality. Come late spring, retro gaming enthusiasts will be able to pick up one of these well-built Bluetooth joystick kits for $99 direct from Ion, and eventually they’ll make it across the pond for about €99 and £79. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of classic games available to suit the iCase courtesy of Atari, who’s already got Asteroids working beautifully on the iPad (and it’s actually a lot harder than it looks); any iOS game that takes a Bluetooth input peripheral should also play nice with the iCade.

99 euro per questo controller bluetooth.. poi ovviamente bisogna vedere se escono sufficienti per giustificarne l’acquisto…

via Engadget


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