The Big Picture: Natale a Kabul

29 Dicembre 2010

2010 has been the deadliest year yet for coalition troops in Afghanistan, with 709 troops killed, 497 of those from the U.S. American officials have spoken of a fragile progress, with a possible small drawdown of troops starting next summer, keeping 2014 as the goal date for Afghans to take control. The United Nations released a report saying that more than 2,400 Afghan civilians were killed and more than 3,800 injured in the first 10 months of 2010, with 76% of these casualties being caused by “anti-government elements”. The report also shows deaths and injuries caused by “pro-government forces” (U.S. and NATO troops, Afghan army and police) accounted for 12% of civilian casualties, an 18% drop from the same time period last year.

Dicembre in Afghanistan, le solite incredibili foto di The Big Picture, aspettatevi sangue e brandelli di carne qua e là.

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mercoledì 29 Dicembre 2010 - 21:19
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