Harsh Wars: Il Bong di Yoda

A yoda bong is a game. When your parents find something that they THINK is yours but cant prove it is yours so they leave it somewhere to see if you take it. Comes for the ancient Syria myth of the city of Cowper where the Queen Jennytalia found a bong shaped like yoda in the alley next to their house and believed it to be her sons. It was not her sons but she left it next to the bin for weeks and weeks temping the sons stoner friends. The temptation got too much and the bong was taken! At that time the Queens son was frowned upon…but he was actually innocent. The moral is of the flaw in the Yoda Bong

Per quanti di voi nerd tossici hanno mai giocato allo Yoda bong, e ai tossici seguaci di Star Wars;
forse queso incauto sarà di loro gradimento:


qui dove “accattarlo”


La libertà è come l'aria, te ne accorgi di averla solo dopo che ti è stata tolta
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domenica 17 ottobre 2010 - 19:28

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