Star Wars Special Edition Trailer

Star Wars Special Edition Trailer

12 Ottobre 2010

It was January of 1997 when Star Wars was re-released, and Empire did so well its release was extended and Jedi’s was delayed! In the years that followed the SEs have polarized Star Wars fanboys. Some consider them to be the Superior Editions, while others spend the rest of their life blaming Lucas for all of their troubles. Despite your feelings on the SEs, you can’t argue that they didn’t have the greatest movie trailers ever put together. The Star Wars one, in particular, is amazing and the Obi-Wan line from the end of that exact trailer (with the music) has been my Windows sign off sound since 1997. You can relive the three trailers below, or check them out whenever you want via our YouTube channel.

Ci vuole un motivo per rivedere i trailer della Special Edition?


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