Castlevania The Arcade - Trailer #LegaNerd

The gameplay is similar to light gun shooters such as The House of the Dead. Players utilize a special LED whip remote. The remote has two buttons. A top thumb button used to activate the whip, prompting players to swing the remote at the screen to damage enemies. A bottom button for the index finger is used to activate subweapons, such as knives or crosses. Subweapons are refilled by collecting hearts (up to 25) strewn about each stage in the form of destructable candles and wooden crates.

Up to two players can play the game at once. Characters in the game include a nameless Vampire Hunter, Lady Shooter And a Little Wich.

Non ho ben capito per quale piattaforma, però quante manciate di gettoni buttate su The House of the Dead al mare…


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