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Traveling techies, rejoice! Trek Support is a checkpoint-friendly backpack that powers and protects your laptop and gadgets when you’re on the go.

This stylish case features a removable battery-powered USB gadget dock, which can charge up to three electronic items at a time. It also has a detachable laptop sleeve at the rear, designed specifically for travelers. TSA allows laptops to remain in bags through security screening as long as the bag provides a clear and unobstructed X-ray view of the laptop. Just unzip Trek Support, lay it flat, and place it on the conveyor belt instead of going through the hassle of removing your laptop. Airport security’s never been speedier!

Trek Support comes with 3 components: the backpack, the laptop sleeve, and the gadget dock.

Mi sembra una grande idea per chi sta in giro tutto il giorno, prezzo di listino previsto 150 dollari, se lo volete vedere prodotto allora partecipate a questo Quirky preordinandolo a 130 dollari, qua.


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