The Beautiful People suonata da una band robot

20 Luglio 2011

Intially I was working on my own version of Mad World and I did complete it however the Robot Cello didn’t work out because the sound of the solenoids and stepper motor was drowning out the song. So I scrapped the project altogether. One night I was working on the Cello and the stepper motor started to jitter almost ripping the Cello sting and Bow apart. As I was jumping over to the power switch I noticed that the jittery sound reminded me of a song. That song turned out to be The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. I programmed a small part for the Cello and it sounded great. Who would have ever though to use a Cello in that song? 2 months later…. my video was complete. So Enjoy. I may follow up with a another video showing what circuits, parts and tools that were used to make these robots.

Muting the guitar strings was a bitch but if you look at the solenoids on Fret 4 and 8 you will see that I covered the pads with foam and velvet. It is soft enough to stop the strings from vibrating.

L’utente di youtube bd594 ha creato un’intera band robot, che riesce a suonare all’unisono la canzone beatiful people di Marilyn Manson.

Gli strumenti che ha usato sono, Un violoncello robot, una chitarra elettrica, batteria e un vecchio scanner inutilizzato.
L’utente ammette che voleva presentare la band con la canzone Mad World, ma per problemi al Violoncello non è riuscito nell’impresa.

Porgete occhi e orecchie al futuro IMHO.


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mercoledì 20 Luglio 2011 - 19:14
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