BaR2D2: robotic drink mixer #LegaNerd

Bartenders better hold on to their jobs. Innovations like this BaR2D2 robot might put them out of the job. This Robotic Drink Mixer can mix up to 5,000 different variations of drinks on demand on a remote cue from a laptop computer.
The Robotic Drink Mixer is a new version of the BaR2D2 mobile bar. Six one-liter bottles containing the individual liquids are controlled by the Lazydrinker circuit. Two compressed air tanks and six electronic valves apportion the drink mix according to the recipe chosen on the laptop. The desired mix is then transmitted via Bluetooth to the BaR2D2.

Peso! come svoltare una serata con Bluetooth e cocktail a macchinetta. Ideona per il nerdinner!


Bazinga! privato, grazie a mynameiskile (rotfl).

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