Secret Origin: La storia della DC Comics #LegaNerd

An expansive documentary exploring the 75 years of DC Comics, the memorable characters of its universe and the talented artists and writers who brought them to life.
Narrated by Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern himself) Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics is a documentary taking an in-depth look at DC Comics and cinematic partner Warner Bros and the creative challenge behind heroes like Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman.

Producer Jeffrey Blitz (Spellbound) brings us this documentary featuring excerpts from comics, movies and television series with interviews and lots of commentary from comic book royalty like Neal Adams, Karen Berger, Dan DiDio, Neil Gaiman, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Paul Pope, Len Wein, Mark Waid and Marv Wolfman.


I'm not Weird, I'm Limited Edition.
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