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After school, I would go to where mom worked at a doctor’s office and the owner would let me play on his computer. I always wanted to take things apart, like my dad’s stereo. I wanted to know how everything worked.

The doctor saw I had a knack for it and when he eventually bought a new computer he gave me his old one to take home. The computer was three or four years behind what my friends had and they were playing the latest cool video games and I couldn’t do that. So that drove me to find out what kind of other interesting things I could do. Hacking was a big part of that.

When I was doing hacking it was an escape from my crazy home life. It was an escape where people weren’t telling me what to do. You were in control versus just being on some kind of roller coaster as a teenager.

Super peso Marc, in questa bella intervista spara a zero sulla sicurezza di OS X, racconta della sua esperienza come hacker di sistemi Windows, spiega tante cose e racconta la sua storia.

One day I had the pleasure of waking up with a gun to my head from the FBI. I had been raided and everything.

Tutta da leggere su Gizmodo:


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