Skaerbaek Fan Weekend: cancellata l’edizione 2020

17 Agosto

Skaerbaek Fan Weekend

Nella giornata di ieri è arrivata la notizia relativa alla cancellazione dell’edizione 2020 della Skaerbaek Fan Weekend prevista a fine settembre.

Come era prevedibile dato il trend che stanno seguendo tutte le manifestazioni in cui è ovviamente previsto un assembramento di persone e dopo le già riduttive modifiche annunciate in giugno arriva ora la notizia che in molti paventavano: l’edizione 2020 dello Skaerbaek Fan Weekend è stata cancellata.

Di seguito riportiamo il messaggio diramato nella serata di ieri:


We knew it wouldn’t be easy.

We knew not much would be possible.

We tried everything we could to create at least something tiny.


But the situation evolves in the wrong direction. Number of infections is rising everywhere and more and more countries are not allowed to enter Denmark and it seems to be likely that even more will follow.


It breaks our hearts, but the risk is too high and we don’t have any other option than cancel of what is left of the Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2020.


Please note the following:

  • There are no further actions from you are required
  • The LEGO House grants us still exclusive access on Thursday, the tickets are still valid.
  • Cottages are still available and it’s still just a couple of minutes to the beautiful coast of Rømø. I heard rumors that people are going to Skærbæk to have some nice holidays ;)
  • If you think the North Sea is too cold, you could go to the swimming hall at the skærbækcentret.
  • LEGO House and swimming hall are open these days anyways with their own hygiene concepts.


There also won’t be any virtual event because Skærbæk is not about the mocs, it’s about getting in tough with other AFOLs. So instead of starring at your smartphone watching boring videos during the last weekend of September why not starring at your smartphone and get in touch with other AFOLs using any available communication form?


For those who will go to Skærbæk anyway, please feel free to decorate the cottage with as many bricks as possible – just to keep up the spirit.


The Skærbæk Fan Weekend Team


Data la situazione ancora piuttosto incerta legata all’epidemia di coronavirus, non viene detto nulla riguardo all’edizione 2021.



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