Urban Symmetry di Zsolt Hlinka

13 Giugno 2016

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L’artista ungherese Zsolt Hlinka ha ritratto alcuni dei palazzi che si affacciano sulle acque del fiume Danubio, isolandole dal loro contesto ed esaltandone la simmetria.

Le rappresentazioni sono composte da due metà simmetriche tra loro, come una sorta di riflesso, come quello che i palazzi proiettano sull’acqua.

Questa la descrizione dell’opera da parte dell’autore:

Urban Symmetry presents buildings on the banks of the River Danube, which are emphasized out of their surroundings and put into soundproof, homogeneous space cleaned off the whole exterior information. However, the series cannot be considered as a dry study, because it does not depict the raw reality: if you get a closer view of the photographs, you may discover that none of the pictures show the building in its full form, but only its reflected part. After all, these fictitious buildings coming into existence perfectly grab and condense their original character into themselves, as if you could see human faces and different personalities on the building portraits.

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