Tetris - Official Trailer

Tetris – Official Trailer

27 Maggio 2012

If Battleship gets its own movie, why not Tetris?

Official Tetris Teaser Trailer. The invasion is beginning. It is inevitable. You created them, you can destroy them! I did not create Tetris, I was but the messenger. Tell me how to stop them. This is an extinction level event. No, don’t go! Let her go!

Ennessimo trailer for teh lulz di film ispirati a videogiochi cult.
Questo è realizzato da Warialasky, già passato su Lega Nerd per il video Lazy Jedi.

More info disponibili sotto il video sul tubo, dove leggo pure ”If enough people watch this, we will seriously make this into a movie”.

Via youtube.

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