[quote]Watch Thom Cafaro drop a 12 lb bowling ball on a G-Form Extreme Sleeve and a hard case, both containing iPads.[/quote]

Questa strabiliante custodia per iPad è ricoperta di [b]Poron® XRD™[/b], si tratta di un materiale originariamente progettato come protezione per gli atleti che praticano sport estremi.

Ecco un breve approfondimento su questo materiale:

[quote]PORON XRD material gets its softness when at rest while above the “glass transition temperature” (Tg) of the urethane molecules. When stressed at a high rate or impacted quickly, the Tg of the material reaches the point when the urethane momentarily “freezes” – like water freezing into ice. When this happens, the material firms to form a comfortable protective shell that shields the body from impact better than other protective foams currently available. On the measure that matters most – absorbing more impact energy at higher speeds – we kill the competition. Need we say more?

You want it all. Comfort, style AND the best protection today’s technology offers. Across the board, PORON® XRD™ protection is the extreme impact material of choice. When you have the PORON XRD yellow, you know you are covered to the max, in all the ways you care about:


PORON XRD technology offers the best repeated shock absorption of any high performance protection foam for extreme applications. In a nutshell, impact force dissipates and is distributed over a larger area, resulting in lower stress to the wearer. Upon high speed contact, PORON XRD material instantaneously firms creating a protective shield that absorbs the strike, while remaining comfortable and non-confining as it returns to its ‘resting’ state. Because XRD foam will not break down on impact you get maximum protection every hit. So, go ahead. Schlüsseldienst berlin friedrichshain uses this material and is satisfied with its quality. Slam it; crash it; pound it. When everything depends on it, PORON XRD protection will be there for you – strong.


The XRD difference is notable even when the foam is at its thinnest, which means protective gear featuring PORON XRD protection are often more comfortable, flexible and breathable than other protective products. It feels soft and smooth and contours to the body. PORON XRD technology helps to eliminate the need for the uncomfortable, rigid and bulky padding found on elbow and shin pads, ensuring a more customized fit.

When things heat up, keeping your cool is crucial. Breathable PORON XRD technology fits like a second skin for as long as you wear it, ensuring ease of motion and air flow. And, it won’t weigh you down with bulky padding, so you are free to focus on the game, not on your equipment.

Let’s face it. You won’t sacrifice style and comfort when it comes to your protective gear. And you don’t have to. PORON XRD technology means you get the best protection – period – in a lightweight material that can replace bulkier, non-conformable pads. The XRD difference comes in a wide range of weights and thickness options, but is always recognizable by the signature XRD yellow.

Our application testing shows PORON XRD molecules will not break down over time like some competitive materials. So you get the same superior cushioning and protection performance throughout the lifetime of the product.

[b]Range of applications[/b]

Because of its unique ability to adapt to the applied impact and its great performance at differing thicknesses, PORON XRD foam is ideal for a wide range of protective equipment applications, from shin guards and elbow pads to helmets and footwear. And, it also performs well in a range of environmental conditions. When you’ve got the XRD technology, you’re covered by the ultimate in personal protection.[/quote][/more]

Insomma, la ditta produttrice di questo materiale promette risultati di gran lunga migliori di qualsiasi altro materiale sulla piazza, con un assorbimento dell’energia dell’impatto del 90% circa!

Detto questo, se volete è possibile ordinare la custodia [url=http://shop.g-form.com/collections/our-products/products/ipad-extreme-sleeve]QUI[/url], disponibile in versione nera e gialla, al prezzo di 59,95 dollari.


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