Rerezzed: Daft Punk remix by The Glitch Mob

6 Aprile 2011

The Glitch Mob, Daft Punk, and Tron Music video? Yes, it’s real and its ready!!
Well with the success of the previous Tron project, and The Glitch Mob getting the very first remix track on the new R3CONFIGUR3D Tron Soundtrack, We felt it was time to blow your ears and eyes away one more time. So we bring you Rerezzed: Legacy!! My tribute to The Glitch Mob’s translation of popular daft punk song Derezzed.

This video contains footage from the movie, game, concept test, and animated feature. Thank you to The Glitch Mob for all the support as usual. To Rockstar for well..being available for me to purchase. :) Thank you to those who got me the bluray and the song early to work with. Gina, Tatiana, and everyone else at “Encom” for getting my video on the grid :) Sean Bailey for the kind words yet again on this project! To Jenka, Keith, and the people who tolerated my relentless beta testing.

And thank you to all you out there who watch and enjoy my videos, as well as those inspired to make your own.
And YES, the Y/N at the end works :)
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Remix di Derezzed dei Daft Punk, dalla soundtrack di Tron: Legacy eseguito da The Glitch Mob.

Nel video tante scene dal film, IMO abbastanza roba da non dover neppure vedere il film intero… :res:

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