[quote]The nerds are coming to invade your eardrums with sonic beats so sweet they can’t be ignored. Nerdcore Now is pleased to debut the release of the [b]Nerdcore Now Volume 1[/b] compilation album. A free digital download for all nerd music enthusiasts. Featuring brand new unreleased tracks from artists such as Beefy, Supercommuter, Adam Warrock, Random aka Mega Ran, Death*Star, Torrentz and so many more!

Songs on this compilation cover topics related to [b]video games, nerd life braggadocio, teleportation, X-Men, Pokemon, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy[/b] and so much more!

Please if you enjoy this album, pass it along to a friend. Go ahead and burn them a copy, send them links, post on their Facebook wall or shout it out on Twitter. You are the biggest link in the chain of introducing listeners to the joy of Nerdcore.[/quote]

C’è poco altro da aggiungere: la [url=http://www.nerdcorenow.com/vb/content/230-Nerdcore-Now-Volume-1]compilation[/url] nasce per introdurre il giovane Nerd al suo prossimo genere musicale preferito.

Tra le altre cose si può scaricare gratuitamente dal [url=http://www.nerdcorenow.com/vb/content/230-Nerdcore-Now-Volume-1]sito[/url] (o dai mirror proposti).

La tracklist nell’approfondimento:
Running Time: 76 Minutes

01 – Beefy – Nerdcore Now
02 – Supercommuter – Robot Party
03 – The ThoughtCriminals – Warp Zone (1-2)
04 – The Future – Teleport
05 – Soup or Villainz – Live In The Arcade Ft. Danyeal McIntosh
06 – Milk-Plus & Lady DKX – I Can Be Your Supervillain
07 – Adam Warrock – Nightcrawlin’
08 – DeathStar – Social Apothecary
09 – Random – Sweeter Ft. Dale Chase
10 – PovertyMan – Rap Cliche
11 – Jake-bit – Redundant Me
12 – Illbotz – Give A Little Love
13 – XoC – A Seed Grows In Brooklyn
14 – Emergency Pizza Party – Never Going Back Ft. Rappy McRapperson & Shinobi Onibocho
15 – Bizarro X-Men – Character Select
16 – Ultraklystron – Bromance Dance
17 – Torrentz – Nerdcore International
18 – Klopfenpop – Don’t Panic Ft. MC 117, Milk-Plus & Diabeats
19 – MC 117 – Bulbasaur
20 – Untested Methods – Little Crow
21 – Random – Fly (Klopfenpop Mix)

Executive Producer – Danger Aaron[/quote][/more]

E se v’è piaciuta, il 15 febbraio esce [b]Nerdcore Now Volume 1: B-Side[/b].

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