B-Movie Fake Trailers #LegaNerd

Michael S. Deak è un importante operatore, supervisore degli effetti speciali e del make up hollywoodiano.
Con alcuni amici e colleghi di lavoro ha creato una serie di fake trailer ispirati ai vari generi di b-movie degli anni passati.

I due trailer che potete vedere qui sopra sono:

Marlin Man: “Trick photography highlights this fishy tale of a giant Marlin destroying Tokyo“

Phil Mato, gli uccisori dell’idiota: “A trailer in the tradition of a 1960′s Italian spy movie.“

Oltre a questi ci sono anche:

Attack of the brain leeches: “A take on a slimy alien race burrowing into the minds of the unsuspecting American population in an all-out battle for the earth!“

Mothman: “The Mothman is loose and destroying your town!’ A take on a late 1950′s sci-fi movie trailer of the Mothman as it wreaks havoc in a New Jersey town.“

Triangulus the three-sided mummy: “Modeled after a 1950′s Mexican horror film about a mummy…with three sides.“

The long dead smell: “Molded on the old chestnut of the evil hypnotist, The Long Dead Smell trailer tells of ‘Dr. Quietus, who, using his mental powers, causes his victims to destroy themselves’.“

El rey de los vampiros infernales/triangulo: “A simulated double-feature trailer for the Azteca Theater featuring EL REY DE LOS VAMPIROS INFERNALES (King of the Infernal Vampires) and TRIANGULO LA MOMIA CON TRES CARAS DE MAL (Triangulus The Mummy With Three Bad Faces). Este Sabado!“

Satantacles: “Mock 1950′s horror/science fiction trailer about a giant tentacle creature from hell.“

QUI il canale Youtube.

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