[quote]This is my entry to the Jerusalem 2111 short film contest.

Director: David Gidali
Cinematographer: Itay Gross
Score: Matt Koshak
VFX: David Gidali[/quote]

Questo video ha vinto il [url=http://www.jerusalem2111.com/]Jerusalem 2111 International Animation Competition[/url]:
[quote]The competition is organized by the Association of Planning and Conservation- jerusalem (Beit Hamodel).

The association is a non-profit organization, and a part of it’s activities is building and maintaining the Contemporary Model of Jerusalem ( Beit Hamodel, see pics), used for architectural planning and futuristic decision making.[/quote]

Trattandosi di Gerusalemme potete immaginare quali sono i temi caldi dei corti.

Nello spoiler atri due video in concorso:

Via [url=http://www.wired.com/underwire/2011/01/jerusalem-sci-fi/]Wired[/url].