IFO 3000

IFO 3000

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Forget atlases, forget perusing the third rock from a wooden stand, this globe actually floats! So how does it work? Well it’s the power of electro-magnetism – in simple terms magnetism produced by an electric current. But forget the science, it looks great!

The 14cm globe will literally and magically just float in mid-air.

Amaze yourself and your friends by passing your hand anywhere around the globe, above, below it really doesn’t matter, it will have no effect on the levitation.

The IFO 3000 also includes an auto rotate mechanism which can turn items clockwise and anti-clockwise. Alternatively just switch it to off and turn the globe by hand.

The stand is very stylish too, with it being silver it will look great on your desk at work or in the home.

Suitable for ages 12 and up.

Siete pronti all’incauto in nome del natale in arrivo?

Ps. l’IFO col globo è out of stock, ma con un po’ di inventiva guardate nello spoiler…


La vostra felicità costa circa 70 sterline, qui!


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