Renard GT Carbon Fiber Motorcycle

Despite its aggressive dark build and $96k price weighing down hard on onlookers, the Renard GT’s monocoque body only weighs 24lbs. It’s stiffer than a traditional frame, and obviously much lighter. On top of that, most of its aluminum parts are manufactured from solid billets, no casting involved, and the 1.2-liter quad-valve V-twin from Moto-Guzzi will drive this lightweight body fast.

The Renard GT is manufactured in Estonia, of all places, and while that is sure to raise an eyebrow or two, this is no misplaced start-up. Renard as a brand apparently precedes WWII, and is going through a revival of sorts. With production starting next year, get your $96k ready to help them get Renard out the gate.

Sito ufficiale qui.