Ken Block Tests DiRT 3

Ken Block Tests DiRT 3

17 Ottobre 2010

The next instalment of rally-fest Dirt is due to hit shelves sometime in 2011, cannily titled DiRT 3.

And as is customary with anything relating to rallying, it will involve Ken Block. Being the nice chap that he is, Ken decided to help the Dirt3 office minions as they build the game that bears his name.

So one day, he packed his lunchbox, put on his best clothes (he owns DC y’know), and drove to something other people call ‘the office’.

There, he was confronted by ‘computers’, a ‘coffee machine’ and lots of desks joined together at the seams!

He decided to take some pictures of this historic day, and here they are…

Il Co-Founder della DC Shoes alle prese con i test del nuovo DiRT 3.

Non vedo l’ora che esca! Nel frattempo mi accontento di F1 2010 e Forza 3! :)

Il resto della gallery Here!


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