Apocalissi per tutti i gusti

Apocalissi per tutti i gusti

Per sbaglio sono capitato su questo sito che fa un’accurata lista di tutta la serie di fine del mondo vaticinate, dagli albori della civiltà, all’esplosione del sole come gigante rossa tra 4,5 miliardi di anni (la vera apocalisse).

Un piccolo assaggio (alcune fanno davvero ridere!):

Dal 2010 al 2012:

- 2010: The final year according to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
- 2011: Another possible date for Earth’s entry into the Photon Belt.
- Dec 31, 2011: In an interesting parallel to the Harmonic Convergence concept, Solara Antara Amaa-ra, leader of the “11:11 Doorway” movement, claims that there’s a “doorway of opportunity” lasting from January 11, 1992 to December 31, 2011 in which humanity is given the final chance to rid itself of evil and attain a higher level of consciousness, or doom will strike.

Dopo (!) il 2012:

- 2017: The “Prophet Gabriel” supposedly told the Sword of God Brotherhood that the “dying time” will come in 2017, and only members of the cult will survive. Everyone else will “perish in hellfire.”
- Sep 28, 2020: George Madray predicts a Yom Kippur Parousia in 2020.
- 2022: James T. Harmon’s Rapture prediction #4.
- 2023: Ian Gurney predicts in his book The Cassandra Prophecy – Armageddon Approaches that the “final date, Judgement Day, the end of mankind’s time on this planet, is less than twenty two years away” from 2001, which means that the world is set to end by 2023 at the very latest. The entirety of his website can be seen here.
- 2025: In this post, Georgann Chenault, a frequent poster on Usenet, wrote “I think the rapture of the church will be before 2025.”
- Nov 13, 2026: According to an article published in Science magazine in 1960, this was the date that the world’s population would reach infinity.
- 2033: Believed by many to by the 2000th anniversary of the Crucifixion, this is a date just begging to be targeted by doomsayers whose prophecies for 2000 and 2001 will have failed.
- 2035: The Raëlians are working hard to establish an embassy in Jerusalem in anticipation of the 2035 arrival of aliens called “elohim”, who will usher in a New Age. However, their arrival is contingent on the completion of the embassy.
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