The Hurt Locker VS BitTorrent e la versione di Jagger

Due interessanti articoli su BoingBoing riguardo la pirateria informatica.
Nel primo i produttori di The Hurt Locker minacciano di far causa a migliaia di utenti bittorrent che hanno scaricato il film:
The Hollywood Reporter recently broke news that Voltage Pictures, which produced the Academy Award-winning film The Hurt Locker, has teamed up with a law firm going by the alias “The Copyright Group” to sue tens of thousands of suspected BitTorrent downloaders.

Il secondo, intervista della BBC a Mick Jagger:
BBC: What’s your feeling on technology and music?
Jagger: Technology and music have been together since the beginning of recording. [The internet is] just one facet of the technology of music. Music has been aligned with technology for a long time. The model of records and record selling is a very complex subject and quite boring, to be honest.


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