Boxel-Monumento alla Birra #LegaNerd

Boxel is a summer pavilion that combines architecture students’ two favorite pastimes: pretentious archi-speak and beer.

Built by college kids from the University of Applied Sciences in Detmold, Germany, this year, the pavilion is a swooping canopy of more than 2,000 empty beer boxes. From the press materials: The design creates a “spatial scenery” using “parametric software to control the position of the boxes in relation to the overall geometry and to analyze the structural performance.” Wha? They must’ve been drunk when they wrote this. In English: It’s a classed-up monument to beer.

Purtroppo però
The pavilion hosted an event for international students recently, and it’ll eventually be disassembled. But we hear there are more pavilions in the works. Up next: a Bucky dome made out of rolling papers?

Spero almeno se le siano bevute tutte quelle casse di birra!

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