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KoHive is a virtual workspace you access through your web browser. It’s easy to create multiple “hives” for different projects, share files, communicate in real time, and aggregate content from across the web.

The biggest thing KoHive has going for it is a butter-smooth interface. It’s easy to navigate within and between multiple hives, talk to other hive members, and share files. KoHive has a modular app system for plugging in the tools you need to get the projects you’re working on organized and completed. You can manage tasks, share files and notes, upload images or import them from Flickr, message, and import videos from YouTube and Vimeo. KoHive also sports shared bookmarking, social network-style status updates, and a group drawing application.

Interessante sistema di “notebook condiviso” per piccoli progetti, molto semplice da utilizzare, con supporto alle identità multiple e con diverse feature utili.

E’ ancora in beta, e le edizioni mobile sono ancora in sviluppo, ma sto iniziando a giochicchiarci e non mi dispiace…

Via Life Hacker | KoHive

Alessio Marinelli a.k.a. Defkon1

Software developer, appassionato di tutto ciò che è possibile smontare e rimontare in modo differente, ma anche di cinema, fumetti e cucina.
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