Denis Medri premiato da Comics Alliance

5 Gennaio 2016


Il fumettista e illustratore Denis Medri, nonché caro amico e utente di Lega Nerd è stato premiato dal sito Comics Alliance per il suo Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven come Best Biographical Comic.

La graphic novel è stata scritta da Brandon Easton, illustrata da Denis Medri e calligrafata da Adrian Martinez, ed è basata su reali vicende accadute al gigantesco André René Roussimoff, noto al resto del mondo come André The Giant. Eccovi la motivazione data da Comics Alliance:


The history of professional wrestling is filled with characters and personalities that are all kinds of fascinating and tragic, but none loom as large as Andre Roussimoff, aka Andre the Giant, and in this touching biography, Brandon Easton and Denis Medri memorialize his extraordinary life. Written from Roussimoff’s perspective, Closer To Heaven chronicles his triumphs and failures both inside and outside of the ring, painting a complete portrait of a complicated and compassionate man.

With assistance from Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, Andre’s daughter, Easton and Medri craft a portrayal of Andre the Giant that glorifies his achievements without ignoring his faults — chief among them his lack of relationship with Robin — and humanizing him while ultimately bolstering his mythology. Beautifully written and illustrated, Andre The Giant: Closer To Heaven is somber, understated, and engrossing from beginning to end.



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