The Golden Apple è il nome di una serie animata basata su personaggi tratti dalla mitologia Balcanica ideata dai ragazzi bulgari dello Studio Zmei.

In attesa di accumulare fondi a sufficienza via Kickstarter per la produzione di una intera stagione, godiamoci il trailer di presentazione.




War is about to break out between the industrious city of Khan and the spirits of Vulkan mountain. Seeing no other way to help her parents – her mother Iskra, mayor of the town, and her father Vulkan Zmei, leader of the spirits – who have now found themselves to be the leaders of two opposing fractions, Vihra sneaks out of Khan and heads towards Kuber Mountain. She wants to find the golden apple, hoping to save her home and restore the ancient treaty which guaranteed peace between the humans and the spirits.

[…] the apple itself signifies a pain free, seemingly fast external solution to their internal problems, while the conflicts in their journey push them to make hard decisions, choose sides, take responsibility for their actions and face their worst fears.




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