Sleeping with the Enemy – Metal Gear Solid Fan Film

5 Ottobre 2015


Torniamo nel mondo dei cortometraggi con questo lavoro approvato ufficialmente da Konami, e basato su MGS3 Snake Eater.




  • Daniel Vink as Naked Snake
  • Hallem Bassett as Revolver Ocelot
  • Anthony Rinna as the Fighter Goons
  • Binh Phan as the other Fighter Goons
  • Andrew Whitehead as the Falling Goons
  • Thomas Berry as the other Falling Goons
  • Terry Cleary as the face of Major Tom/Zero
  • ‘Colossal is Crazy’ as the voice of Major Tom/Zero


  • Produced: Fury Fingers Team
  • Written, Directed, Edit and VFX: Nicholas Cleary
  • Director of Photography: Andrew Shanks
  • Color Grade: Daniel Vink
  • Fight Choreography and stunts: Anthony Rinna


Special thanks to

Jason Forge for help with the VFX, Peta King for the Costume Collaborations, Jon X Hoh for the Guns Props, Calen Vanstone for the BTS, Alfie Churchill for the stills, And the lovely staff at the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens.


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