[quote]Illegal street racers take on the law in the world’s most intense police chase! Sort of.[/quote]

Freddie Wong ci regala un’altra chicca: Un super inseguimento tra macchinine telecomandate, filmato in stile hollywood. #figata

Il tutto è parte della campagna marketing di [i]Need for Speed: Most Wanted[/i]

[more]Special thanks to Rob and Big as well as the Need for Speed: Most Wanted team for making this video possible! The game comes out on 10/30, and it’s made by Criterion, aka dudes who know what racing games are all about. Check out the trailer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5guNcA_p6UM

Sound design by the dude who did sound design on the game itself Byron Bullock. Music by [url=http://johnrobertmatz.com]John Robert Matz[/url]

[url=http://soundcloud.com/John-Robert-Matz]Download the soundtrack![/url][/more]