LEGO Blast from the Past

LEGO Blast from the Past


Ready for a nostalgic blast from the past?

Here at Advance, we’ve been creating commercials for the LEGO Group for well over 3 decades. Remember all those flying bricks from the legendary LEGO integrator commercial back in ’96? Or that beautifully animated LEGO Divers commercial? If not, we don’t blame you, to be honest we’d almost forgotten about them ourselves. But then, while going through our archives, we came across some old VHS tapes. We dug up a VCR and pressed play…

This stuff was simply too good to be collecting dust — it needed to be digitized and shared. So here’s what we’ve decided to do. Every week for the next 10 weeks we will be uploading 3 new old LEGO commercials to along with some exclusive commentary from the creative people who made them. Many of these commercials have only ever been shown on television and so this will their online debut.

Advance è l’azienda danese che si cela dietro le pubblicità anni ’90 per i prodotti LEGO.

Recentemente l’azienda, dopo aver riaperto il vecchio archivio di VHS, ha deciso di ripubblicare in una sorta di tributo online i vecchi spot pubblicitari che hanno fatto la storia del nostro mattoncino preferito. Molti di questi sono comparsi anche in Italia e non so voi, ma io sto versando laGrime su laGrime.

L’appuntamento è quindi su The Brothers Brick, dove per 10 settimane verranno ripubblicati 2 o 3 spot pubblicitari anni ’80 e ’90.

Preparate i fazzolettini per un viaggio nostalgico!


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