The Just City

27 Luglio 2011

When The Ford Foundation held a 75th anniversary event to explore how fairness, opportunity and equity can serve as defining features in the creation of “The Just City” ,
we were asked to create an an animated visual to serve as opening to the lecture series.

Part graphic, part watercolor, part collage, with a layering of architectural line work. A painterly abstraction that gives way and expands.
A visual story that evolves linearly with the multiplicity of the script but also contracts into utmost simplicity in order to clearly drive the message of The Just City.

Music so graciously provided by Arp & Anthony Moore and RVNG Intl.

Interessante video che incrocia società, architettura, design e comunicazione.

A cura dello studio di Brooklyn “The Lifelong Friendship Society”.

Qui il loro sito.


Pasquale Belvito a.k.a. Code2

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