Mousetrap fission: reazioni a catena di trappole per topi

4 Maggio 2011

This was an assignment for A.P. Chemistry class at Horizon Science Academy Cleveland high school ( ). The students collaborated with the school’s video club in order to make the movie. There are only about 300 traps with 600 balls in this video. We plan on going bigger soon.

Special Thanks to Tomcat ( for donating the mouse traps and for donating the balls. We couldn’t have done this without your support.

Several Fingers were harmed in the making of this video.

An array of 138 mousetraps are set off in a chain reaction. Ping-pong balls help visualize both neutrons and the release of energy. Shot in 600 fps and 1000 fps.

Thanks to Rob for letting us use the camera.

For more details on our setup see Link.

Spettacolari (quanto inutili e pertanto nerdissimi) video in slow motion che visualizzano con efficacia l’effetto “reazione a catena” che avviene nelle reazioni di fissione nucleare.


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mercoledì 4 maggio 2011 - 8:55
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